2017 Podcasts

November 2017 episode discussing the Las Vegas shooting, rehabilitation traumatology, Stronger - the rehab-focused Boston Marathon bombing film, and how firearm TBI survivors differ with Dr. Hilary Bertisch of Rusk Rehabilitation at NYU Langone Health. RehabCast is part of the national conversation in PM&R and Rehabilitation Medicine, brought to you by the Archives of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation - tune in!
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October 2017 episode featuring rehab in a time of natural disaster, the mainstreaming of psychedelic medicine, amantadine for agitation, and investigating attention techniques in robotic stroke rehab with Dr. Grace Kim of NYU. Tune in for the latest in PM&R and Rehabilitation Medicine from the Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.
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The August 2017 edition features the Yoga vs PT rumble, Stanley Paris’s $3 Million donation to Physical Therapy research, a regulatory odyssey hurting SCI care with Matthew Davis of TIRR Memorial Hermann, and practice-changing evidence for lumbar spinal stenosis care with Janna Friedly of the University of Washington. RehabCast is the official podcast of the American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine and the Archives of PM&R.
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The July 2017 episode of RehabCast features Allan Kozlowski from Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital talking about the first trial of a powered exoskeleton in MS, William Niehaus from the University of Colorado talking about Denver’s new charity rehabilitation clinic - the Rehabilitation Services Volunteer Project, as well as a conversation about biomedical informatics in resident physician education. The rehab news roundup highlights an important trial from Washington University in St. Louis of a brain computer interface controlled hand exoskeleton as a stroke rehabilitation device, a change in the latest Concussion in Sport Group guidelines, and AHCA’s dismal CBO score.
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Digging into the new Shirley Ryan Ability Lab with its chief scientific officer Dr. Richard Lieber. Proposed NIH budget cuts. Rehab Robotics 2017. E-stim during hemodialysis. Taking a needle to tendon contractures with Isabelle Laffont, Flavia Coroian and Bertand Coulet of France’s University Hospital of Montpellier.
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The 100th anniversary of the OT profession. Healthcare reform. The opioid crisis. Wearable biofeedback in Parkinson disease with Davide Cattaneo and Ilaria Carpinella. Taking up polestriding to treat Parkinson disease with Narayanan Krishnamurthi.
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