Deparments Correction| Volume 101, ISSUE 4, P730, April 2020


    Published:February 07, 2020DOI:
        In the article by McCabe et al, Comparison of Robotics, Functional Electrical Stimulation, and Motor Learning Methods for Treatment of Persistent Upper Extremity Dysfunction After Stroke: A Randomized Controlled Trial, published in Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation 2015;96:981-90 (, Table 5 contained an error. In the last column (‘Mean Gain Score’), row one (ML Group, FM Score) the value is shown as 11 points on the FM scale. The correct value is 9.9 points (post-treatment 33.5 – pre-treatment 23.6 = 9.9 gain score for the ML Group). The correct value of 9.9 points is, in fact, already shown elsewhere in the paper in the previous Table 4, in the column entitled, “Mean Change Score for Each Group”, row one (9.9 point gain score, correctly shown in Table 4 for the ML group). This error in Table 5 amounts to 1.1 points. The erroneous value was not used in any of the statistical models, and so does not affect any of the statistics performed nor does it affect the outcome of the study.

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