Evaluation Of Measure Functional Independence In Patients Mastectomized With Armpit Lymphadenectomy After Physiotherapeutic Preoperative Treatment


      To evaluate the influence of preoperative physiotherapy on Functional Independence Measure (MIF) in mastectomized women with armpit lymphadenectomy after preoperative physiotherapy.


      Pilot study of a randomized clinical trial


      Hospital Dr. Luiz Antônio, Unit LEAGUE Northern Rio Grande Against Cancer, Natal, Brazil.


      14 women divided into control group (n = 7) and GI (n = 7). Women aged 30-65 years, diagnosed with infiltrating breast carcinoma (ductal and lobular) or in situ, submitted to modified radical mastectomy associated with armpit lymphadenectomy, with shoulder motion in functional range and ability to understanding capacity preserved.


      The reviews were made in the preoperative, immediately postoperatively (POD 1°) and late postoperative day (POD 15°), were performed through physiotherapy reviews chips and MIF. The GI received preoperative physiotherapy assistance through shoulder cinesiotherapy. The CG received information by primer.

      Main Outcome Measure(s)

      Functionality by Functional Independence Measure (MIF).


      The mean age of the women found in the GC were 61.1 ± 14 years and in the GI were 64.3 ± 11.1 years. Concerning the MIF, we noticed a score significant difference (p <0.05) in preoperatively and 15° days postoperatively.


      The preoperative physiotherapy exerts a fundamental role in greater functional independence on AVDs from 1° to 15 ° DPO.

      Key Words

      Postoperative complications, Breast Cancer, Physiotherapy


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