In Memoriam: Frederic ‘Fritz’ J. Kottke, MD, PhD

      Dr. Frederic “Fritz” J. Kottke passed away on May 23, 2014, at the age of 96. Born in Hayfield, Minnesota, on May 26, 1917, Fritz grew up in Windom, where his father was superintendent of schools. He attended the University of Minnesota for his undergraduate and graduate education, receiving his BS in 1939, his MS in 1941, his PhD in physiology with a minor in pathology in 1944, and his MD in 1945. During 1946 to 1947, he held the Baruch Fellowship in Physical Medicine. In 1941, he joined the faculty of the University of Minnesota in physiology as an instructor. He was Assistant Professor (1947–1949) and Associate Professor (1949–1953) in Physical Medicine and Professor in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. From 1949 to 1952, he was the director of the Division of Physical Medicine, which was part of the Department of Radiology. In 1952, when the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation was established, he was appointed its first head and remained so until his retirement in 1982.