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        1014 Validity and Reliability of an Internet-Based Temporal Gait Assessment Tool With Healthy Adults: A Pilot Study
        Sheila Reid, MS, PT, Anthony Shaw, PT, Larry D. Haugh, PhD
        1019 Thermal Pain Perception After Aerobic Exercise
        Stephen B. Ruble, PhD, Martin D. Hoffman, MD, Melissa A. Shepanski, MS, Zoran Valic, MD, John B. Buckwalter, PhD, Philip S. Clifford, PhD
        1024 Comparison of Cardiovascular Responses Between Upright and Recumbent Cycle Ergometers in Healthy Young Volunteers Performing Low-Intensity Exercise: Assessment of Reliability of the Oxygen Uptake Calculated by Using the ACSM Metabolic Equation
        Masakazu Saitoh, MS, Atsuhiko Matsunaga, PhD, Kentaro Kamiya, MS, Misao N. Ogura, MS, Junko Sakamoto, MS, Ryusuke Yonezawa, MS, Yusuke Kasahara, MS, Hiroyuki Watanabe, MS, Takashi Masuda, MD, PhD
        1030 Metabolic Syndrome in Neuromuscular Disease
        Susan Aitkens, MS, David D. Kilmer, MD, Nancy C. Wright, MA, Megan A. McCrory, PhD
        1037 Strengthening of Partially Denervated Knee Extensors Using Percutaneous Electric Stimulation in a Young Man With Spinal Cord Injury
        Therese E. Johnston, MSPT, Brian T. Smith, MS, Randal R. Betz, MD
        1043 Factors Affecting the Burden on Caregivers of Stroke Survivors in South Korea
        Smi Choi-Kwon, RN, PhD, Hwa-Sung Kim, RN, MSN, Sun U. Kwon, MD, Jong S. Kim, MD
        1049 Use of Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy Feeding Tubes and Functional Recovery in Stroke Rehabilitation: A Case-Matched Controlled Study
        Masayuki Iizuka, MD, Mike Reding, MD

        Clinical notes

        1053 Erdheim-Chester Disease: The Effect of Bisphosphonate Treatment—A Case Report
        Sibel Eyigör, MD, Yeşim Kirazlı, MD, Ayşenur Memis, MD, Gülçin Başdemir, MD
        1058 Magnetic Resonance Neurography Diagnosed Brachial Plexitis: A Case Report
        Selda Sarikaya, MD, Murat Sumer, MD, Şenay Özdolap, MD, C. Zuhal Erdem, MD
        1060 A Novel Approach to Prevent Repeated Catheter Migration in a Patient With a Baclofen Pump: A Case Report
        Donald A. Ross, MD, Cornelia Byers, MD, Timothy Hall, PA

        Brief reports

        1062 Assessment of Verticality Perception by a Rod-and-Frame Test: Preliminary Observations on the Use of a Computer Monitor and Video Eye Glasses
        Jeff Bagust, PhD
        1065 Design and Validation of a Methodology Using the International Classification of Diseases, 9th Revision to Identify Secondary Conditions in People With Disabilities
        Leighton Chan, MD, MPH, Anne Shumway-Cook, PhD, Kathryn M. Yorkston, PhD, Marcia A. Ciol, PhD, Brian J. Dudgeon, PhD, Jeanne M. Hoffman, PhD

        Organization news—AAPM&R

        1070 Journal-Based CME Evaluation and Application