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        Original articles

        851 The Effect of a Scheduled Telephone Intervention on Outcome After Moderate to Severe Traumatic Brain Injury: A Randomized Trial
        Kathleen R. Bell, MD, Nancy R. Temkin, PhD, Peter C. Esselman, MD, Jason N. Doctor, PhD, Charles H. Bombardier, PhD, Robert T. Fraser, PhD, Jeanne M. Hoffman, PhD, Janet M. Powell, PhD, Sureyya Dikmen, PhD
        857 Increasing Days at Work Using Function-Centered Rehabilitation in Nonacute Nonspecific Low Back Pain: A Randomized Controlled Trial
        CME Credit
        Jan P. Kool, MSc, PT, Peter R. Oesch, PT, Stefan Bachmann, MD, Otto Knuesel, MD, Judith G. Dierkes, MSc, Mirella Russo, PT, Rob A. de Bie, PhD, Piet A. van den Brandt, PhD
        865 Effects of Home Strength Training and Stretching Versus Stretching Alone After Lumbar Disk Surgery: A Randomized Study With a 1-Year Follow-Up
        Arja Häkkinen, PhD, Jari Ylinen, MD, Hannu Kautiainen, BA, Ulla Tarvainen, MSc, Ilkka Kiviranta, MD, PhD
        871 Moderate-Heeled Shoes and Knee Joint Torques Relevant to the Development and Progression of Knee Osteoarthritis
        D. Casey Kerrigan, MD, MS, Jennifer L. Johansson, MS, Mary G. Bryant, MD, Jennifer A. Boxer, BA, Ugo Della Croce, PhD, Patrick O. Riley, PhD
        876 Are We Selecting the Right Patients for Stroke Rehabilitation in Nursing Homes?
        Patrick K. Murray, MD, MS, Neal V. Dawson, MD, Charles L. Thomas, BS, Randall D. Cebul, MD
        881 Primary Care Practitioners’ Understanding of Physiatric Practice: Effects on Intention to Refer
        CME Credit
        Cristin McKenna, MD, PhD, Neil J. Farber, MD, Kelly S. Eschbach, MD, Virginia U. Collier, MD
        889 Impairment and Partial Recovery of Medical Decision-Making Capacity in Traumatic Brain Injury: A 6-Month Longitudinal Study
        Daniel C. Marson, JD, PhD, Laura E. Dreer, PhD, Sara Krzywanski, MS, Justin S. Huthwaite, PsyD, Michael J. DeVivo, DrPH, Thomas A. Novack, PhD
        896 Multidimensional Assessment of Acute Confusion After Traumatic Brain Injury
        Mark Sherer, PhD, ABPP-Cn, Risa Nakase-Thompson, PhD, Stuart A. Yablon, MD, Samuel T. Gontkovsky, PsyD
        905 Mental Illness, Traumatic Brain Injury, and Medicaid Expenditures
        Wenhui Wei, PhD, Usha Sambamoorthi, PhD, Stephen Crystal, PhD, Patricia A. Findley, DrPH, MSW, LCSW