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        MISSION STATEMENT: The mission of the Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation is to disseminate information, with the ultimate goal of furthering the art and science of the practice of physical medicine and rehabilitation and interdisciplinary rehabilitation, and improving the health and welfare of persons with disabilities.
        Kenneth M. Jaffe, MD
        Jeffrey R. Basford, MD
        Managing Editor
        Michael A. Vasko
        Rebecca L. Craik, PhD, PT
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        Carol J. Manow
        Editorial Board
        Bruce Caplan, PhD (Congress) Judith Falconer, PhD, OTR (Congress) Martin D. Hoffman, MD (Academy) David D. Kilmer, MD (Academy) R. Lee Kirby, MD (Academy) Jay M. Meythaler, MD (Congress) Patrick K. Murray, MD (Academy) Elliot J. Roth, MD (Congress) Denise G. Tate, PhD (Congress) Nicolas E. Walsh, MD (Academy)
        Associate Members
        Michael L. Boninger, MD (Academy) Leighton Chan, MD, MPH, MS (Academy) Robert P. Christopher, MD (Academy) Joseph M. Czerniecki, MD (Academy) Robert G. Frank, PhD (Congress) Andrew J. Gitter, MD (Academy) Andrew J. Haig, MD (Academy) Allen W. Heinemann, PhD (Congress) Mark P. Jensen, PhD (Congress) David E. Krebs, PhD, PT (Congress) Ralph J. Marino, MD (Congress) Michael F. Nolan, PhD, PT (Congress) Jeffrey B. Palmer, MD (Congress) Dale C. Strasser, MD (Academy) Robert A. Werner, MD (Academy)
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